I received an email this week from Jackie Heimgartner. Jackie is a photographer here in the Valley and has extended an invitation to those affected by breast cancer can utilize her services in the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month). Here’s what Jackie has to say:

I am a local photographer around the LC Valley, I was part of DECA a few years and helped with the spike for a cure I also had a aunt that died of breast cancer when I was 7 years old, I know firsthand how hard it is not to have my aunt around I have written some many letters to her with a million questions I would ask her if she was still here. I will be a senior at CHS this year and I love photography I just wanted to let you in on a special I am putting on for everyone and anyone who have been effected or are dealing with in some way by breast cancer, I am running this special in the month of October for national breast cancer month and anyone who has been effected with breast cancer themselves, family, friends gets a free 30-45min outdoor photo session and a free edited disk of all the pictures taken. People can contact me at jackiesjpegs@yahoo.com. Thank-You and God Bless

Thanks Jackie for sharing this wonderful opportunity with us.

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